December 31, 2002

As usual, I'm the King of Indecision. I could go out to a New Year's Eve blow out with big crowds and lots of VERY loud music, spend it more quietly with some friends, or stay home. I'm leaning to the home idea ... The Big Bash idea, while nice, seems just too many people, too much music I'm not overly keen on, and just too damn long. However ... we'll know by next year my decision.

What a weenie ...

December 26, 2002

And here we are, the other side of the Christmas divide ... It's now Boxing Day and I appear to have the beginnings of a cold or flu. This is very discouraging. I am not liking it at all. Ah well ... the price of excessive festive spirit(s).

Hmm ... This post certainly was a waste of everyone's time.

December 24, 2002

And away we GO!!!!!

It's Christmas Eve day. Now, the shit really hits the fan. How many hours left to do all the crap I was supposed to do but haven't done yet? Why can't I get my skinny arse in gear?

Well ... I will now make an effort to get the whirlwind day this is about to become underway. Wish me luck. And happy merry jolly Christmas. Toodles!

December 20, 2002

Hmm ... I just posted something and now it has vanished. Was it me ...? Perhaps ...

I came across a brilliant idea on the Internet today. Mind you, it appears it's been up for some time, but better a Johnny-come-lately than a Johnn-not-come-at-all. Anyway ... The great idea is this:

A petition to have Peter Jackson write and direct the next Star Wars movie (that would be number III) and thus save it (and us) from the dismal fate that met the first two of this series. Great idea ... Not sure we can get Lucas to go for it ...

December 2, 2002

Joy in Piddleville. Shipment has finally arrived from Amazon. It includes: The Thin Man, Sunset Boulevard, and How to Murder Your Wife. (And last night, I watched The Bells of St. Mary's with Bing and Ingrid. Good, but I prefer Going My Way.)

Since most of the DVDs of contemporary Hollywood movies seem pretty dull and uninspired, I am taking refuge in older movies for the time being. Yippee!