August 23, 2003

Not a lot to say ... It has been a dull week highlighted by a return to work. Does it get more pathetic than that? On the upside, it has been much more of a stress-free week than pre-vacation. On the downside, it is essentially boring. Kind of stuff I was doing twenty years ago and had thought I'd turned my back on.

Must think of what I want to do with the ass end of my life. Problem is, none of the things I'd like to do pay any money. Life's a bitch that way.

August 18, 2003

Came back yesterday from a brief jaunt to Canadian cabin country, this being close to Caroline, Alberta. Very dry - no fires allowed (as you can imagine). There was a bear spotting though I didn't see the guy. Grateful for that, thank you very much. Food was generally good, beer and other assorted beverages plentiful, and there was music - guitars around a tea light replication of a camp fire. (It provided some light but not a great deal of warmth.)

All in all, a delightful time - keep an eye out for photos shortly. Toodle-oo!!!

August 12, 2003

Hell and damnation ... I gotta go back to work today! I weep; I rend my hair. I gnash my teeth! (One day I'm going to have to peek in my dictionary to find out what exactly "rend" and "gnash" mean.) Work use to be a fun, social experience ... despite long hours and low pay. Now it's the noose. Though the money's better.

Oh ... and if you're inclined (highly unlikely) you can take a peek at the second, shorter part of my vacation. A good time was had by all.

August 5, 2003

Hmm ... I did another Google search, this time on Zyban. Most of the top links that came up were companies selling the stuff - a lot of marketing hoo-hah. I was looking it up because I know of someone who used it to quit smoking (this seems to be its primary function - a stop-smoking medication).

Unfortunately, people who have seizures are cautioned about the drug. It's not recommended for those people and as I am one of them, looks like Zyban is out for me.
I did a Google search for night sweats (sleep hyperhidrosis) and found that, amongst other things, it can be related to head injuries and epilepsy. There was this link and there also was this one. Since I seem to have this condition, at least to a degree, and I take an anti-convulsant for what we think is likely epilepsy (I've had a few seizures), these were particularly interesting for me. I had never made this association before.

And I'm making this entry in the Burble primarily so I don't lose these links.

August 4, 2003

Got back last night from Ontario. Up at 5:40 AM yesterday morning. Got the bus from Southampton to Pearson Airport (Toronto) at 7:00 AM (Grey Bruce Airbus). Got to the airport around 10:00 AM and the flight back to Edmonton was scheduled for 4:25 PM ... more than 6 freakin' hours in an airport! Anyway ... finally got home around 8:00 PM, Alberta time (which would have been 10:00 Ontario time). So I was in transit yesterday for roughly 15 hours.

That's just not right. I mean, if it involves that much time a person should be going to some tropical place.