December 30, 2003

new year slogan

It seems to me last year (2003) and the ones preceding it were characterized by crisis and calamity. So I'm offering as a possible slogan, or theme, for 2004:

"Settle down. Would everyone please just settle down?"

December 29, 2003

holidays are upon us

My goal over the holidays: clean up, reorganize, reorient and enter 2004 with some sense of stability and focus.

What the hell? Why not shoot for the moon?

December 15, 2003

no DVD player!!!

I'm numb with shock. Stupid with grief. The lens on my DVD player has been crapping out so I took it in today for "them" to take a look at and fix, or at least make right somehow (warranty and all that, you know).

It'll be at least a week before I get it back!

Don't they understand ... there are movies in the wings? In the on deck circle? What am I suppose to do? Read a book?

December 14, 2003

cinema paradiso

Finally, after all this time, I've posted my confused and rambling thoughts on Guiseppe Tornatore's Cinema Paradiso. (I suspect this longer version, called "the Newer Version" on DVD, is a different movie than that of the North American theatrical release back in 1989.)

rhetorical question

Why am I awake at this time of night and writing ... nothing! ... when I know I will feel like ca-ca in the morning?

Mysteries of life ...

December 8, 2003

northern lights

So the Northern Lights were out tonight. I saw them through the window. Diddled a moment or two with the computer then went out on the balcony to get a better look at them and ...


They were out for something like 17.5 seconds. Grrr ..... !!!!!! What's the point of living in this part of the world if ya can't see the ding-dang Aurora Borealis????