February 26, 2005

Wicker Snooze

I have the DVD for the movie Wicker Park and it is amazing. It is amazing because it has deleted scenes. How could something this long and dull have deleted scenes? The whole damn movie plays like a deleted scene! The kind of deleted scene you see and say, "Well, I can certainly see why they dumped that!"

How is it they left anything out for "deleted scenes?" Geez, the thing's so dull the whole damn thing could have been cut with the possible exception of the last ten minutes.

I feel badly for Josh Hartnett. He's apparently become the best looking actor of a certain age to plop into a really dull script. Has he ever been in something that had a story? Characters? Has he ever been in something that didn't put you to sleep within the first five minutes? He really needs a new agent. Or something. I dunno what. But right now he has an amazing talent for landing himself in turkeys. (What was that fiasco he was in with Harrison Ford? Something about cops ... it was supposed to be funny ...)

Anyway ... avoid Wicker Park unless you're having difficulty sleeping. It's a snooze-fest.