June 30, 2003

I just reset my archive and saved it all to a disc. While doing so, I noticed that this year has been pretty lame (as far as effort goes). I think there is maybe one entry for February and March and May of 2003 have no entries at all.

What happened during those periods?

Not sure ... but a lot of it has to do with work (the paying kind). More reason for letting it go ...
No whoo-hoos last night - but no sleep either. (As you can see, I've yet to determine who to spell whoo-hoos. Capitalized? Hyphenated? There are so many decisions a writer must make ...

fyi ... For interesting sites on informed marketing, particularly Web related, try traffick.com and seth's blog (Seth Godin - the Permission Marketing guy).

June 29, 2003

Question: why does binary have three syllables?
Tormented by Whoo Hoos

They were out last night - the Whoo Hoos. They always come out on warm weekend nights and last night being particularly warm, and the weekend being a long one, they were out in full force. By the time they left, the sun was coming up.

The Whoo Hoos are, of course, those people who yell out, "Whoooo Hoooooooo!!!!!!" They generally do this late at night after disarranging themselves physically with alcohol ... or any number of other people-altering substances.

So ... I've had about two hours sleep. Today will be a long, drag-ass day. Yawn ...

(Are you a Whoo Hoo? I hope not ...)

June 22, 2003

Finally ... I've reorganized my DVDs (and in the process discovered about 6 that hadn't been catalogued). So now they're all online in the Movie Room. The reorganization was also physical - they're all on the shelves now. However, I need to find a better shelving system.

All that remains is to clean up the rest of the mess - like the displaced books, the wasteland of dust and so on.

June 21, 2003

It's a rainy, cool day and I've no desire to go outside. After yet another period of long silence, I think I should probably update the Burble. But I think I'll do that offline, on the laptop, then paste it in later. So much to tell ... And so little of it worth paying attention to. As per usual. ;-)
As you can see, I have been changing the look of the Burble. More to follow ... yes ...

June 7, 2003

Grief and woe in Piddleville. My computer crashed. Died. Went kaput! Hard drive fried, data lost ... woe, woe, woe. My access is limited now, and I've no idea when I'll be able to update the site.

But I'm working on it ...