April 26, 2003

The most fundamental problem with Piddleville is the home page where, despite having nothing to write, I have to put up text (if only to give the appearance that there is life somewhere in the congenial Web site). And the problem with this is ... well, I'm one of those vacuous people with little to say.

This is Piddleville's tragedy.

But you know ... There was a time when I had lots to say. What happened? It may relate to the aging process. (I could attempt to grant myself some dignity by calling it the "maturing process" but who's kidding who?) The older I get the more aware I am that I haven't a clue. And the less inclined I am to let other people become aware of that fact.

(As if they can't figure it out for themselves.)

April 19, 2003

I've just changed the look ... got rid of that dark blue background to try and make this page look at least a little more in keeping with the rest of Piddleville. We'll see what happens now ... stilling struggling ...

April 15, 2003

I just closed my browser on Wired (wired.com). There was an interesting item I started to read but then something splotched itself on the screen and monstrous words started raining down from the upper part of the window in some pinhead's idea of an interesting and innovative way to communicate the benefits of whatever shit they were hawking. I closed the browser for the same reason I stopped watching TV, for the same reason I am drifting further and further from the Web, watching my disinterest grow.

It's not that I object to someone trying to sell something. It's that they are so indifferent or, worse, disrespectful of the people they would sell to. It's how they honestly believe there is nothing wrong with being rude and interrupting or intruding on someone to sell crap. I closed the browser because, like TV, the value of the page (like the value of the TV programs) was not sufficient for me to tolerate being abused.

And yes, this is how I think of Web advertising: abuse.

April 5, 2003

It’s defies the powers of the mind to comprehend but, yes, I have made updates to Piddleville. Can such things be? You betcha!

Not that the updates are anything earth-shattering. But the mere fact there is an update indicates life still exists. It also prompts a question …

What kind of self-absorbed dolt puts pictures of himself on his Web site? I’ll tell you … the sort of dolt who doesn’t have any other models for his pictures. It’s not that easy to finagle a friend into posing for an image you’ll be placing online for the world to see. (Well … it seemed like a good answer.)

By the way ... MUST update that stupid About section. It's embarrassing ...