July 25, 2003

I'm totally screwed here ... I think I may have had 4 hours sleep. Even though today is the first day of my vacation, I had some things that had to be done this morning. All last night I kept saying, "I have to go home, I have to go home ..." I finally did get home somewhere close to 3. Woke up around 7 ... and feel like shit. Geez ...

I refer to an excess of rum, beer and merriment yesterday thanks to Elizabeth, world famous bar room wench.

(The preceding was lifted from my post on terri in australia.)

July 20, 2003

The other day I noticed the mysterious, now and again Scottish 'r' made an appearance in my speech. I hadn't noticed it before; I'm not sure how long it has been peek-a-booing in my words.

I get this from my father who presumably got it from his (or his mother). So he never said things like, "I'm going to wash the car." No, he said, "I'm going to warsh the car."

I've never understood that 'r' and never really cared for it. I fully intend to expunge it from my speech. Now how's that for burbling drivel? In a world of political unrest, wars in foreign lands, economic anxiety, I'm wasting bandwidth rambling about an insignificant 'r' that appears in my speech.

Well ... Today, on another subject altogether, is a bit gray, a tad breezy. But not cool breezy; it is sultry, tumescent breezy. They say we have a 60% chance of thunderstorms this afternoon and I can only hope they get this one right. Boom-boom-boom ... love a thunderstorm.

Despite an ever-tightening squeeze on my finances, I'm thinking of setting up another site - getting another hosting service. If so, I think the Burble will be moved to it. If I do, I'll probably also put terri in australia there.

But this is just musing for now.

July 19, 2003

Well, if you've been to the Piddleville home page you've seen I've finally implemented the design change there. All that's left is all those pages in the Movie Room (and there's alot of 'em).

Actually, there are quite a few Piddleville pages that need updating. Why the hell did I start this?

July 13, 2003

As you can see, Piddleville is slowing transforming itself into a new look, as attested to by the DVD list.

Still, there is some way to go. But eventually the Piddleville you know will become ... well, a lot like this, the Burble.

Why, you ask?

Why not?

July 12, 2003

A frustrating morning as I battled with cached pages and some oddly behaving code. And that's bad news since I haven't a clue what I'm doing. Oh well ...

It was all about some minor updating to the about page.

July 11, 2003

For some reason, I have had headaches for about the last month. Where the hell are they coming from? My only guess is the age old, "Stress."

Whatever the reason, I wish to hell it would stop.

July 10, 2003

Just got back from a couple of days in Vancouver - mostly Granville Island. Mostly work, but we did spend an afternoon playing the Amazing Race. Managed to see more of Vancouver than I ever had before - including an extended bike ride through Stanley Park. Yes, I was pedalling along this ...

Must find a way to move back to the vicinity of big water. Vancouver? Possibly ... but it seems so cluttered. A few too many boats; a few too many high rises. But maybe you get used to it ...

July 6, 2003

It continues to rain. Forecast reads "...60% chance of morning showers." At this point, I'd bump that up to 100%.

Thus far, July has been a slough of despond, as a French symbolist might say. Physically, psychically and emotionally it has been porridge, at least in terms of colour and consistency.

Last night, I watched Adaptation. I think I've been avoiding it because I'm not a big Nicolas Cage fan. But ... it's a great movie!

It's a very clever script; very cleverly constructed. And the performances are excellent all around. It's probably the best thing I've seen Cage do.

While the movie is good simply as a movie, it's especially fun for people who write since it satirizes writers (in a good way). The character(s) played by Cage are very recognizeable. It felt as if I was watching a movie about me.

Is that a good thing?

Who knows? But I recommend the movie. Look for another great performance from Chris Cooper. (I believe he got an Oscar for it.)

July 5, 2003

I've created a new blog for Terri to use on her travels. It's called, appropriately, terri in australia.
I don't know where this week came from but it certainly came unexpectedly. Headaches ... everyday. Usually, I don't get headaches, and they certainly are not welcome when they do show up. I still haven't figured out whether or not I had a nocturnal seizure the other day. I think so, but I can't be sure.

Whatever ... nice barbecue last night. It was a kind of a farewell thing for Terri, who leaves Sunday on an Australian adventure. Me, I'm off to Vancouver on Monday for a less adventurous, work related thing. Not too enthused at the moment.

July 1, 2003

Duh ... I'm not too swift today. It finally occurred to me that I may have had a seizure last night - a nocturnal seizure, which we believe I've had before. Why?

There's the chewed up mouth and the aches in the muscles and bones that could be explained by thrashing around spasmodically. And then there's the fact that it's been weeks since I've taken dilantin, the anti-convulsant medication.

So ... don't know that it was a seizure, but it would certainly explain today.
Yesterday ... The wind wind began in the southwest. It migrated to northwest. By the end of the day, it was southeast. During this restless moving around, it managed to go from hot and humid to cool and dry. In northern Alberta, it managed to drop a tornado off in Grimshaw, trashing the town.

For myself, the result was a restless night ... I woke several times then, come morning, I couldn't wake up. When I finally did, I had a sore throat ... what feels like the beginning of a cold/flu. As well, every bone and muscle in my body aches. I feel as if I've been beaten with sticks. What do they call that? Bastinadoed?

Anyway ... I feel like crap today. This hasn't happened overly often, but it does recur. For example, from a year ago there is this.

On the upside, today is beautifully sunny and not too hot and not too cool. Just nice.

On another note ... I'm currently reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. Great main character (narrator) with a very singular view of the world (a 15-year old autistic young man with a passion for order). (The book is also available in Adobe format, for those electronically inclined.)

Though I've barely begun reading the book, the earlier verdict is: highly recommended.

Oh ... and by the way, have a happy Canada Day. (And don't be a whoo hoo!)