March 27, 2005

Cold Mountain revisited

I watched Cold Mountain again last night and still like it.
"While you can say Cold Mountain is a love story set during the American Civil War and be correct, you will be saying very little of substance about the movie. I think it would be more accurate to say it's a meditation on the nature and qualities of love, one that looks at what its presence does and it's absence ..."
That's the start of the review I wrote. But for the life of me I can't remember how long ago that was. Looks like it would have been back in early July of 2004. (Not that it matters.)

Whatever ... It's worth watching again.

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March 25, 2005

Morons, marketing and Finding Neverland

I watched Finding Neverland last night and really enjoyed the film. Some feel it's a little too saccharine for their taste but, while it has this element, it wasn't so much so that it bothered me.

What did bother me was the commercial I was forced to watch. I wrote up a little rant about it (It's not about marketing - or is it?) and posted it on my other blog, Writelife.

I just can't get over the idea that someone asks me to pay to own something then, when I buy it, they force me to watch them hawking their wares. But then, marketing people are the sorts of morons who actually would pay money to watch an ad.


March 6, 2005

Baby's the best

I've watched quite a few turkeys recently on DVD. (For example, there are the two duds I mention below, in earlier posts, Wicker Park and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - major stinkers.)

But the bad taste of those has been cleaned away with Bringing Up Baby - Special Edition, a two disc set featuring the 1938 Howard Hawks' classic. It stars Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant and its fast, frantic and very funny.

It's also one of the better packages to come out recently as far as the special features go, particularly with its lengthy documentary called Cary Grant: A Class Apart. It also features commentary by Peter Bogdanovich, whose usually quite interesting and informative on these kinds of things.

Anyway ... I'm quite happy. This is one of my favourite movies.

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