December 30, 2003

new year slogan

It seems to me last year (2003) and the ones preceding it were characterized by crisis and calamity. So I'm offering as a possible slogan, or theme, for 2004:

"Settle down. Would everyone please just settle down?"

December 29, 2003

holidays are upon us

My goal over the holidays: clean up, reorganize, reorient and enter 2004 with some sense of stability and focus.

What the hell? Why not shoot for the moon?

December 15, 2003

no DVD player!!!

I'm numb with shock. Stupid with grief. The lens on my DVD player has been crapping out so I took it in today for "them" to take a look at and fix, or at least make right somehow (warranty and all that, you know).

It'll be at least a week before I get it back!

Don't they understand ... there are movies in the wings? In the on deck circle? What am I suppose to do? Read a book?

December 14, 2003

cinema paradiso

Finally, after all this time, I've posted my confused and rambling thoughts on Guiseppe Tornatore's Cinema Paradiso. (I suspect this longer version, called "the Newer Version" on DVD, is a different movie than that of the North American theatrical release back in 1989.)

rhetorical question

Why am I awake at this time of night and writing ... nothing! ... when I know I will feel like ca-ca in the morning?

Mysteries of life ...

December 8, 2003

northern lights

So the Northern Lights were out tonight. I saw them through the window. Diddled a moment or two with the computer then went out on the balcony to get a better look at them and ...


They were out for something like 17.5 seconds. Grrr ..... !!!!!! What's the point of living in this part of the world if ya can't see the ding-dang Aurora Borealis????

November 26, 2003

books - what happened here?

Having read Wicked: the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, I've recently been reading Lost (both books by Gregory Maguire). The first (Wicked) was a great novel. The second (Lost) ... well, it sucks.

What happened?

In the first, you get a very interesting, intriguing character study. Though certainly not the easiest to like person in the world, Elphaba (the witch) is sympathetic and fascinating. I think this is partly due to the novel showing us her life from childhood through to and including adulthood. It also gives us interesting supporting characters that balance off the disagreeable quality of Elphaba.

All of this is missing in Lost where the main character (Winnie) is just disagreeable. And it's relentless. No childhood to help us understand why she is the way she is. Few interesting supporting characters balancing her out. It's just an endless stream of Winnie's smart-ass, defensive cynicism. For example, "She was not very religious, preferring to take her fantasy safely in the pages of books rather than in the uplifting superstitions of ideologues..." The novel is literally crammed with lines like this.

As for the dialogue, most of it seems pointless, as if the Maguire is padding to make a word count quota. The story itself is aimless. It wanders here and there with no sense of having any direction and the sentence structure and word choices seem intended to baffle and obscure. You keep wondering, "What the hell's he trying to say?"

Finally, the endless literary references are tedious. It's nice to know the author is well-read but so are many people. When it comes to a reading, why should we care? Just get on with the story. Maguire ain't no Borges, an author whose references had a purpose. In Lost, they seem intended to simply impress us with the author's erudition. Again, who cares?

As you can see, I'm not particularly thrilled with Lost. Maybe it was written to fulfil some contractual obligation. I don't know. But if you want a good book, this isn't it.

I suggest you read Wicked, and excellent, well-thought out novel that is hugely rewarding.

November 24, 2003

who 'her' is - (think Britney)

I landed on a site that had a reference to "her." I didn't know who it was referring to so I clicked it and landed on

My only opinion on Britney is this: with the kind of money she must be making you would think she could buy some clothes.

Don't expect to see Britney in Canada anytime soon. Dressed like that she wouldn't last two minutes. (And please, please ... Could you just once show up on TV and do a song without doing the lip-sync thing?)

November 23, 2003

of course ...

Today, of course, the outdoor hockey game behind us, the temperature is on the rise. It's angling for the 0 Celsius mark. It's already at -8.

That may not sound like much for those who reside in warmer climes but when you think that yesterday began at -25 and the 56,000 or so people at the outdoor game at Commonwealth Stadium endured roughly -19 ... well, it's almost toasty.

very Canadian

I don't usually go in for this kind of sentiment but really, does it get anymore Canadian than this? A hockey game played at temperatures of roughly -20 Celsius?

The only disappointing element to the entire affair was that the wrong team won. The Habs dumped the Oil 4-2 (or something like that). On the upside, in the old-timers game we won 2-0, thanks to Grant Fuhr and Bill Ranford.

Anyway ... damn chilly day but a great one for hockey. (As an aside, it was also a good day for the Guinness and Strongbow cider mix. Made the games very enjoyable.)

November 22, 2003

questions about cold

What to do? It's still freakin' freezing outside and I have to go to the Safeway to get food. What to do? What to do?

Also ... needed to hear some music so I set the music maker to the 1980's. Well, you don't realize how much of it sounded the same, or how banal a lot of it was till you do that. On the other hand, they did slip in Echo and the Bunnyman, and this provided some redemption.

knacker knockin' Heritage Classic

Testicles have a sound like castanets when it's knacker knockin', scrotum shrivellin' cold like it is today, Saturday, which dawned at a crisp -25 Celsius (-13 Fahrenheit). Lovely weather for sitting outside for the Heritage Classic between the Edmonton Oilers and Montreal Canadiens - the first ever NHL game played outside. (With temperatures like this, quite likely the last one too!)

By game time, my guess is the temperature will be around -15 Celsius or so ... and dropping!

November 18, 2003

better to play than to watch

Following Sunday's Grey Cup, we now have Saturday's Heritage Classic hockey game to look forward to, outside in Edmonton's Commonwealth Stadium. The Montreal Canadiens will be taking on the Edmonton Oilers.

For those attending, it's best to be on the ice playing. Though still a few days off, the guess is we can expect a chilly evening. Edmonton's weather should be cool - the estimate is -15 (C)/5 (F), making it hemorrhoid weather for those sitting on their bums and watching. Over the next few days, winds will shift. In a day or two they'll be coming from the north which means an Arctic butt-freeze is headed our way. By game time ... Well, let's call it bracing.

a good, not great, film

The night being slow and uneventful, and television broadcasts being as uninspired as you might expect on a Monday, I rewatched High Crimes. It was pleasing. A good, not great, film.

November 16, 2003

Today we watch the 2003 Grey Cup. In a couple of hours the Edmonton Eskimos will take on the Montreal Allouettes. The biggest question for me is, where will I watch it? It's the time of year when I hate leaving the house.

(Actually, I'm like that all year long, but even more so now.)

And for the record: Go Esks!

November 12, 2003

I'm giving some thought to watching Silverado tonight. I haven't looked at it for a while. Who knows? Maybe my opinion will have changed. Meanwhile ....

I'm in the process of getting the latest Microsoft security patch ... I think. It's taking forever so either it's mind-numbingly huge or their system is very slow and cumbersome. I wouldn't mind, since it's all in the background, but I want to shut down my system and get my work lap top going. (There's only the one high speed connection and ... well, whatever. Let's just say I can't have them both running at the same time - more a logistics problem than a technical one.)

But why would you care? I've no idea. But I wanted to write something today and I thought I'd whine about this interminably slow download.

By the way, you'll often come across the words there, their and they're mixed up in my writing. Apparently my fingers have a mind of their own but not one that's attuned to correct spelling. I can't believe the number of times I get these mixed up.


October 28, 2003

Alberta has been absolutely lovely today. It resembles the freakin' Apocalypse. Snow! Wind! Rain! Everything but heat! The cloud-crowded skies have redefined the word "gloom."

Why am I living here?

October 27, 2003

One of the things I neglected to mention in my review of The Matrix Reloaded was the music at the end, over the credits. Good God! Could they have found anything more loud and annoying? As I recall, the first film had some great music in it. But in this one ... geez, it borders on being abusive. Who's dumbass choice was that anyway?

October 26, 2003

Well, it's not as if this comes as any surprise: Spam is starting to hurt email. It's from Pew Internet and American Life, a project studying the Internet and its impact on ... well, everyone (it's a U.S. organization).

I can't find anything on the site that shows what "Pew" refers to. Is it someone's name? An acronym? Who knows ...

Here's the discouraging thing about this report: "Some 7% of emailers – more than eight million people – report they have ordered a product or service that was offered in an unsolicited email."

And that's why we get spam. The boneheads rule.

October 23, 2003

What to do? They are planning to release the 1983 Scarface yet again (they just released the two disc anniversary edition).

Who cares? Certainly not me, except ... They are saying the next version (the very expensive version with lots of hoo-hah inside like pictures - yawn) will also have the original 1932 version with Paul Muni! In other words, the only Scarface I want to see, the one directed by Howard Hawks!

So what to do? I have no interest in the 1983 version. And I can't afford the price they're asking, especially for a movie I don't really like (the 1983 version).

How else to get the 1932 film without having to get the 1983 ... hmm. The bastards!

October 21, 2003

''Our goal has always been to sell the Gardens to a buyer that would respect the history and heritage of the building,'' Bob Hunter, senior vice-president and general manager of MLSE, former owners of the historic Maple Leaf Gardens.

In that spirit, they sold it to a grocery store.

October 20, 2003

Having endured a dry summer where half the province went up in flames, B.C. is now drowning. Rains fall like unending elephant piss. The upside, if there is one, it's sort of a different part of the province.

As for those of us in Alberta, well we are getting a small taste of it today. Not sure if it's the same system causing it. But it's damp here and fertile ground for headaches and depression. So don't be fucking with me today. I'm in no mood. None of us are. Grrr.

(And do yourself a favour ... don't be messing with anyone in B.C. today. You never know ...)

October 19, 2003

You know, it seems to me far too much time is wasted at work doing unproductive things. When I think back on an average work day, the amount of actual productivity I have probably amounts to one hour, spread out in unequal bits throughout the day.

And all that pissed away time seems such a waste. I'd rather be reading, writing, watching a movie or otherwise doing something that engages my brain. As oppose to engaging my capacity to endure the tedium of the average "work" day.

October 18, 2003

I have just posted what has to be one of the worst written pieces I've ever thrown together: my take on The Treasure of the Sierre Madre.

Unfortunately, I'm about to rush out but hopefully I'll have this howler fixed sometime soon. In the meantime, you can take a look and see what gets written when I have no idea what to say and I'm rushing to get it said.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.
This has been a disagreeable week. And a costly one. A person's ignorance can bite them on the ass at almost anytime, as did mine.

Since September began, my cozy little world of condo living has been deconstructing. Yes, there is the usual housekeeping that has lain unattended for a very long time. Balls of cat fur blow through the rooms like rolling tumbleweeds. The cat goes out on the balcony, eats some discarded and brittle leaves, comes back inside and finds a new place to throw them up. Clothes accummulate in several piles awaiting a wash that never comes.

As well ... the strings of the vertical blinds all seem to have frayed and broken in tandem. The toilet has been running ceasely, unbeknowst to me, but certainly know to the utility company which has charged me a mind-numbing sum. And on the subject of plumbing, apparently there is a humidifer somehow attached to my furnace and it has been leaking. Yes, leaking and destroying the condo below me. There is a bill headed my way soon ...

As the expression goes ... who's cornflakes did I shit in anyway?

October 17, 2003

Finished reading Steve Martin's The Pleasure of My Company and it was very good. I kept expecting certain things. One delight of the book is that they didn't happen; it surprised me by going somewhere else.

Having finished the book, I've now gone back to his earlier novella, Shopgirl. I've barely begun but it seems good as well and I read somewhere they are now making it a movie. It appears it will star Steve Martin (surprise - he also handled the screenplay) and the youthful and attractive Claire Danes.

October 12, 2003

I am in a happy place right now. Yes. Two reasons: reading and writing. Let's start with the latter:

There is not a lot to say. I began writing yesterday and soon found I was writing a story I had wanted to write for some time. Quite often, the business of simply starting to write - anything, whatever pops into my head - is what kickstarts the engine. Soon I find I am no longer rambling; there is a story emerging and things start to snowball.

This is what happened yesterday when I began. The story I had wanted to write crept into the paragraphs. Of course, I don't know what that story is. I know only vague details. The writing process is what reveals the story. So I won't know the complete story until I am finished.

The other interesting thing is how the story keeps changing as I write. What I thought was the story is not the story at all - the details evolve. They transform. And, the story I thought I wanted to write also appears to be an excuse to write a different story. The original story idea is actually a MacGuffin for another.

Anyway ... It's all very interesting to me. Hopefully this story will be completed soon. If it's any good, perhaps I'll put it online. (It may be a novella as opposed to a short story - don't know yet.)

As for the reading ... I picked up a new book by Steve Martin yesterday. It's called The Pleasure of My Company and it's very good. It's funny ... or perhaps I should say wryly humorous, or something like that. It's not something I've been laughing out loud over. I've simply been smiling a lot while reading it.

I really like the main character (the narrator). It reminds me somewhat of the main character in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon (a book I highly recommend). They are similar in tone and there are some vague (and few) similarities in characterization. It's a tone and style I really enjoy - I find it quite funny in a dry way - and have used a similar approach in some of my own shabby stories.

The only downside of the book is it's a short - about 160 pages long - so I'll be finished it very soon. You know, it seems sometimes as if the books you really like are incredibly short whereas books that don't do much for you seem as thick as the New York phone book.

But enough of all that ... Have to get back to writing my own stories now. Toodle-oo!

September 28, 2003

You know, that Kurt Russell guy is a pretty good actor. I liked him in Tombstone. But last night I watched Dark Blue and this was an even better performance. Surprising movie too ... it kind of looks like it will be another one of those Hollywood cop movies ... yawn. But while it is, it's a really great movie. Who'd have thought?

September 27, 2003

I visited the Jann Arden site today ( Nice site. Very good design though there are a few artsy kind of aspects to it that make it a bit annoying. (Fonts, icons, images - everything is small. Requires some squinting.)

I think the thing that makes the site interesting is Jann herself. In other words, the content which, in this case, is essentially Jann Arden. So if you don't particularly like her you probably won't like the site. C'est la vie.

Okay ... So I'm not a huge fan of her music. This doesn't mean I dislike it. I like it quite a bit, generally, but I'm not wildly enthusiastic about it. I suppose the lyrics of her songs are what most attract me to them. There is a level of thought there, both in terms of what they are about and how they are constructed, that is largely absent in most popular music. In this sense, she's essentially a folk songwriter since this is one genre of music where people tend to think before writing.

I wonder, too, whether her fan base is attracted by the music or the personality of Jann Arden. My guess is the music, particularly the lyrics, are what first attract people. It's the person behind the music, revealed both in the songs and in the media interviews etc., that holds them. And for me, a large part of the attraction is the humour that flavours everything (though it is by no means the only thing).

Well ... just thought I'd ramble about Jann Arden for no brilliant reason. (Saw her on Bravo! last night and that sent me to the Web site and so on.)

One other thing with the site ... She has a new disc out and tour coming up and so the marketing guys to some extent have gotten their hands on the site. So there are various annoying things (not a lot) to send you to (title of the new disc). On this site, well ... you have to buy the disc in order to get access to most of the material. If I were one of the marketing guys, it's probably what I would have recommeded doing. But since I'm just a schmuck visiting Web sites, it burns my ass a bit.

The corporate bastards are waging Internet war on us and the marketing people are their suicide bombers!


September 20, 2003

Made some Piddleville main page changes (added "new reviews"). Must think of how to put this, the Burble on the home page.
Watched Anger Management last night. Jack Nicholson was okay but the rest of the movie was kind of lame.

Earlier in the week, I watched Destry Rides Again for the second time and it was just as much fun as the first. Great old movie.

September 16, 2003

Good grief ... It's 8AM and 1 degree outside. ONE. This is Edmonton. In Calgary? Oh, just a heavy snowfall warning is all. And -.2 as the temperature.

Geeezzzzz ... It's September for heaven's sake. Aren't we jumping the gun a bit? Who's in charge of the weather anyway?

September 14, 2003

The RIAA has few friends: | News | Artists blast record companies over lawsuits against downloaders
The links I've been posting are not because I've decided to become one of the those sites that links to everything on the planet. It's mainly me diddling around with the tools to see what they can do, how it works etc. And because I found the links interesting, at least modestly.

I suppose I'm trying to see if there is any value in this for me and, if so, how I might use this.
The end of the need to spell check? Or to pay attention to what you write? Hmmm ... Joi Ito's Web: Ordering of letters don't matter
If you're interested in RSS, this is an interesting page: ExtremeTech RSS Primer Page
Though I've come across it before, I've never paid much attention to RSS. But yesterday I got curious and today I've done a lot of online exploring. I've even downloaded FeedDemon and it is very cool ...

September 10, 2003

You may be wondering why the movie room main page hasn't been updated since August 31. It's more likely that you don't care, but whatever ...

I am lazy and there has been nothing of particular note recently and, frankly, I have to stop the money drain. Toodles!

September 7, 2003

I woke from the oddest dream yesterday. That is, if it were a dream. I woke with the sense I usually have just before passing out - the feelings I usually have just before having a seizure, to be more clear. The thing is, I wasn't sure if that sense was the actual preliminary to a real seizure or something my mind had dredged while dreaming.

Either way, it produce some rather high anxiety levels. Seizures are something less than pleasant and I had no desire to experience another one.

As a related aside, I'm going to have to talk to my doctor (ha! like I have one anymore ... but that's another topic) about the possibility of apnea. I think it's possible I have it but for the life of me I don't know how you go about finding out.

September 1, 2003

It's been a rather uneventful long weekend highlighted by moments of work. Whoop-dee-doo. I managed to find time to do a kind of personal financial review. The conclusion?

I'm fucked royally. Autumn will now be characterized by austerity, panic and impotent rage.

August 23, 2003

Not a lot to say ... It has been a dull week highlighted by a return to work. Does it get more pathetic than that? On the upside, it has been much more of a stress-free week than pre-vacation. On the downside, it is essentially boring. Kind of stuff I was doing twenty years ago and had thought I'd turned my back on.

Must think of what I want to do with the ass end of my life. Problem is, none of the things I'd like to do pay any money. Life's a bitch that way.

August 18, 2003

Came back yesterday from a brief jaunt to Canadian cabin country, this being close to Caroline, Alberta. Very dry - no fires allowed (as you can imagine). There was a bear spotting though I didn't see the guy. Grateful for that, thank you very much. Food was generally good, beer and other assorted beverages plentiful, and there was music - guitars around a tea light replication of a camp fire. (It provided some light but not a great deal of warmth.)

All in all, a delightful time - keep an eye out for photos shortly. Toodle-oo!!!

August 12, 2003

Hell and damnation ... I gotta go back to work today! I weep; I rend my hair. I gnash my teeth! (One day I'm going to have to peek in my dictionary to find out what exactly "rend" and "gnash" mean.) Work use to be a fun, social experience ... despite long hours and low pay. Now it's the noose. Though the money's better.

Oh ... and if you're inclined (highly unlikely) you can take a peek at the second, shorter part of my vacation. A good time was had by all.

August 5, 2003

Hmm ... I did another Google search, this time on Zyban. Most of the top links that came up were companies selling the stuff - a lot of marketing hoo-hah. I was looking it up because I know of someone who used it to quit smoking (this seems to be its primary function - a stop-smoking medication).

Unfortunately, people who have seizures are cautioned about the drug. It's not recommended for those people and as I am one of them, looks like Zyban is out for me.
I did a Google search for night sweats (sleep hyperhidrosis) and found that, amongst other things, it can be related to head injuries and epilepsy. There was this link and there also was this one. Since I seem to have this condition, at least to a degree, and I take an anti-convulsant for what we think is likely epilepsy (I've had a few seizures), these were particularly interesting for me. I had never made this association before.

And I'm making this entry in the Burble primarily so I don't lose these links.

August 4, 2003

Got back last night from Ontario. Up at 5:40 AM yesterday morning. Got the bus from Southampton to Pearson Airport (Toronto) at 7:00 AM (Grey Bruce Airbus). Got to the airport around 10:00 AM and the flight back to Edmonton was scheduled for 4:25 PM ... more than 6 freakin' hours in an airport! Anyway ... finally got home around 8:00 PM, Alberta time (which would have been 10:00 Ontario time). So I was in transit yesterday for roughly 15 hours.

That's just not right. I mean, if it involves that much time a person should be going to some tropical place.

July 25, 2003

I'm totally screwed here ... I think I may have had 4 hours sleep. Even though today is the first day of my vacation, I had some things that had to be done this morning. All last night I kept saying, "I have to go home, I have to go home ..." I finally did get home somewhere close to 3. Woke up around 7 ... and feel like shit. Geez ...

I refer to an excess of rum, beer and merriment yesterday thanks to Elizabeth, world famous bar room wench.

(The preceding was lifted from my post on terri in australia.)

July 20, 2003

The other day I noticed the mysterious, now and again Scottish 'r' made an appearance in my speech. I hadn't noticed it before; I'm not sure how long it has been peek-a-booing in my words.

I get this from my father who presumably got it from his (or his mother). So he never said things like, "I'm going to wash the car." No, he said, "I'm going to warsh the car."

I've never understood that 'r' and never really cared for it. I fully intend to expunge it from my speech. Now how's that for burbling drivel? In a world of political unrest, wars in foreign lands, economic anxiety, I'm wasting bandwidth rambling about an insignificant 'r' that appears in my speech.

Well ... Today, on another subject altogether, is a bit gray, a tad breezy. But not cool breezy; it is sultry, tumescent breezy. They say we have a 60% chance of thunderstorms this afternoon and I can only hope they get this one right. Boom-boom-boom ... love a thunderstorm.

Despite an ever-tightening squeeze on my finances, I'm thinking of setting up another site - getting another hosting service. If so, I think the Burble will be moved to it. If I do, I'll probably also put terri in australia there.

But this is just musing for now.

July 19, 2003

Well, if you've been to the Piddleville home page you've seen I've finally implemented the design change there. All that's left is all those pages in the Movie Room (and there's alot of 'em).

Actually, there are quite a few Piddleville pages that need updating. Why the hell did I start this?

July 13, 2003

As you can see, Piddleville is slowing transforming itself into a new look, as attested to by the DVD list.

Still, there is some way to go. But eventually the Piddleville you know will become ... well, a lot like this, the Burble.

Why, you ask?

Why not?

July 12, 2003

A frustrating morning as I battled with cached pages and some oddly behaving code. And that's bad news since I haven't a clue what I'm doing. Oh well ...

It was all about some minor updating to the about page.

July 11, 2003

For some reason, I have had headaches for about the last month. Where the hell are they coming from? My only guess is the age old, "Stress."

Whatever the reason, I wish to hell it would stop.

July 10, 2003

Just got back from a couple of days in Vancouver - mostly Granville Island. Mostly work, but we did spend an afternoon playing the Amazing Race. Managed to see more of Vancouver than I ever had before - including an extended bike ride through Stanley Park. Yes, I was pedalling along this ...

Must find a way to move back to the vicinity of big water. Vancouver? Possibly ... but it seems so cluttered. A few too many boats; a few too many high rises. But maybe you get used to it ...

July 6, 2003

It continues to rain. Forecast reads "...60% chance of morning showers." At this point, I'd bump that up to 100%.

Thus far, July has been a slough of despond, as a French symbolist might say. Physically, psychically and emotionally it has been porridge, at least in terms of colour and consistency.

Last night, I watched Adaptation. I think I've been avoiding it because I'm not a big Nicolas Cage fan. But ... it's a great movie!

It's a very clever script; very cleverly constructed. And the performances are excellent all around. It's probably the best thing I've seen Cage do.

While the movie is good simply as a movie, it's especially fun for people who write since it satirizes writers (in a good way). The character(s) played by Cage are very recognizeable. It felt as if I was watching a movie about me.

Is that a good thing?

Who knows? But I recommend the movie. Look for another great performance from Chris Cooper. (I believe he got an Oscar for it.)

July 5, 2003

I've created a new blog for Terri to use on her travels. It's called, appropriately, terri in australia.
I don't know where this week came from but it certainly came unexpectedly. Headaches ... everyday. Usually, I don't get headaches, and they certainly are not welcome when they do show up. I still haven't figured out whether or not I had a nocturnal seizure the other day. I think so, but I can't be sure.

Whatever ... nice barbecue last night. It was a kind of a farewell thing for Terri, who leaves Sunday on an Australian adventure. Me, I'm off to Vancouver on Monday for a less adventurous, work related thing. Not too enthused at the moment.

July 1, 2003

Duh ... I'm not too swift today. It finally occurred to me that I may have had a seizure last night - a nocturnal seizure, which we believe I've had before. Why?

There's the chewed up mouth and the aches in the muscles and bones that could be explained by thrashing around spasmodically. And then there's the fact that it's been weeks since I've taken dilantin, the anti-convulsant medication.

So ... don't know that it was a seizure, but it would certainly explain today.
Yesterday ... The wind wind began in the southwest. It migrated to northwest. By the end of the day, it was southeast. During this restless moving around, it managed to go from hot and humid to cool and dry. In northern Alberta, it managed to drop a tornado off in Grimshaw, trashing the town.

For myself, the result was a restless night ... I woke several times then, come morning, I couldn't wake up. When I finally did, I had a sore throat ... what feels like the beginning of a cold/flu. As well, every bone and muscle in my body aches. I feel as if I've been beaten with sticks. What do they call that? Bastinadoed?

Anyway ... I feel like crap today. This hasn't happened overly often, but it does recur. For example, from a year ago there is this.

On the upside, today is beautifully sunny and not too hot and not too cool. Just nice.

On another note ... I'm currently reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. Great main character (narrator) with a very singular view of the world (a 15-year old autistic young man with a passion for order). (The book is also available in Adobe format, for those electronically inclined.)

Though I've barely begun reading the book, the earlier verdict is: highly recommended.

Oh ... and by the way, have a happy Canada Day. (And don't be a whoo hoo!)

June 30, 2003

I just reset my archive and saved it all to a disc. While doing so, I noticed that this year has been pretty lame (as far as effort goes). I think there is maybe one entry for February and March and May of 2003 have no entries at all.

What happened during those periods?

Not sure ... but a lot of it has to do with work (the paying kind). More reason for letting it go ...
No whoo-hoos last night - but no sleep either. (As you can see, I've yet to determine who to spell whoo-hoos. Capitalized? Hyphenated? There are so many decisions a writer must make ...

fyi ... For interesting sites on informed marketing, particularly Web related, try and seth's blog (Seth Godin - the Permission Marketing guy).

June 29, 2003

Question: why does binary have three syllables?
Tormented by Whoo Hoos

They were out last night - the Whoo Hoos. They always come out on warm weekend nights and last night being particularly warm, and the weekend being a long one, they were out in full force. By the time they left, the sun was coming up.

The Whoo Hoos are, of course, those people who yell out, "Whoooo Hoooooooo!!!!!!" They generally do this late at night after disarranging themselves physically with alcohol ... or any number of other people-altering substances.

So ... I've had about two hours sleep. Today will be a long, drag-ass day. Yawn ...

(Are you a Whoo Hoo? I hope not ...)

June 22, 2003

Finally ... I've reorganized my DVDs (and in the process discovered about 6 that hadn't been catalogued). So now they're all online in the Movie Room. The reorganization was also physical - they're all on the shelves now. However, I need to find a better shelving system.

All that remains is to clean up the rest of the mess - like the displaced books, the wasteland of dust and so on.

June 21, 2003

It's a rainy, cool day and I've no desire to go outside. After yet another period of long silence, I think I should probably update the Burble. But I think I'll do that offline, on the laptop, then paste it in later. So much to tell ... And so little of it worth paying attention to. As per usual. ;-)
As you can see, I have been changing the look of the Burble. More to follow ... yes ...

June 7, 2003

Grief and woe in Piddleville. My computer crashed. Died. Went kaput! Hard drive fried, data lost ... woe, woe, woe. My access is limited now, and I've no idea when I'll be able to update the site.

But I'm working on it ...

April 26, 2003

The most fundamental problem with Piddleville is the home page where, despite having nothing to write, I have to put up text (if only to give the appearance that there is life somewhere in the congenial Web site). And the problem with this is ... well, I'm one of those vacuous people with little to say.

This is Piddleville's tragedy.

But you know ... There was a time when I had lots to say. What happened? It may relate to the aging process. (I could attempt to grant myself some dignity by calling it the "maturing process" but who's kidding who?) The older I get the more aware I am that I haven't a clue. And the less inclined I am to let other people become aware of that fact.

(As if they can't figure it out for themselves.)

April 19, 2003

I've just changed the look ... got rid of that dark blue background to try and make this page look at least a little more in keeping with the rest of Piddleville. We'll see what happens now ... stilling struggling ...

April 15, 2003

I just closed my browser on Wired ( There was an interesting item I started to read but then something splotched itself on the screen and monstrous words started raining down from the upper part of the window in some pinhead's idea of an interesting and innovative way to communicate the benefits of whatever shit they were hawking. I closed the browser for the same reason I stopped watching TV, for the same reason I am drifting further and further from the Web, watching my disinterest grow.

It's not that I object to someone trying to sell something. It's that they are so indifferent or, worse, disrespectful of the people they would sell to. It's how they honestly believe there is nothing wrong with being rude and interrupting or intruding on someone to sell crap. I closed the browser because, like TV, the value of the page (like the value of the TV programs) was not sufficient for me to tolerate being abused.

And yes, this is how I think of Web advertising: abuse.

April 5, 2003

It’s defies the powers of the mind to comprehend but, yes, I have made updates to Piddleville. Can such things be? You betcha!

Not that the updates are anything earth-shattering. But the mere fact there is an update indicates life still exists. It also prompts a question …

What kind of self-absorbed dolt puts pictures of himself on his Web site? I’ll tell you … the sort of dolt who doesn’t have any other models for his pictures. It’s not that easy to finagle a friend into posing for an image you’ll be placing online for the world to see. (Well … it seemed like a good answer.)

By the way ... MUST update that stupid About section. It's embarrassing ...


February 22, 2003

Yes, yes, yes ... it's been AGES since I've added anything. Too freakin' busy. In fact, I only dropped in here long enough to say I've just about had it with winter. We've had enough now, thank you very much. You can turn it off anytime. Please.

January 25, 2003

Just got home from Vancouver. Only a 30 degree difference in temperature. Testicles now about a tenth of the size they were before boarding the flight.

January 16, 2003

Fog overnight (and temperatures below zero) have turned into a morning frost on everything. The branches of every tree look as if they were run through the Sugar Frosted Flakes frosting machine. It's a very smart look.

Snazzy, as my mother would say.

Meanwhile ... January blahs have dug in for a long stay, or so it appears. Very discouraging. But that's the point I suppose.

January 12, 2003

Take Note: The January Blahs have officially arrived. Today. Ain't it a treat?

January 2, 2003

And what did the ruling monarch of indecisiveness (sp?) conclude? With various options available, what did I choose to do New Year's Eve? Why, I stayed home. As you might imagine, it was dull.

Duller still was New Year's Day. Heaven's, that was a long haul through the tedium of a commerce free city. No wonder the social experiment of the Soviets went in the crapper.

I did manage to do some updating on Piddleville. Man, this life is just too extreme ...