January 30, 2005

Sky Captain - Sky Ca-ca!

What a wretched piece of crap! Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow? How about Sky Captain and the World of Shitty Movies? This is the worst garbage I've seen in years.

If you've seen Casablanca, you've seen Sky Captain - done much better. Seen Metropolis? You've seen Sky Captain - done much better. Seen any of the Indiana Jones movies? You've seen Sky Captain - done much better.

What were they thinking of when they made this? Did they think soft focus could make a compelling movie? It doesn't. Did they think that skilful photography could cover up the absence of anything resembling a story? It doesn't.

This movie is so bad it's laughable - except you fall asleep before you get to that stage. Geez ... shame on me for forking out money on this crap. Do yourself a favour - avoid this movie unless you're suffering from insomnia. In that case, this is the movie for you.


January 29, 2005

Shyamalan’s The Village - a folktale

I’ve been holding off on seeing M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village for quite a while now because it didn’t exactly get overwhelming reviews. Actually, it appears people are divided on it – they love it or hate it.

But I finally watched it last night after picking it up as a PV (previously viewed) copy and …. I loved it. I think it’s his best after The Sixth Sense.

I think the thing to note about the movie is that it is a folktale. So it doesn’t quite work the way a more realistic drama works, nor is it intended too. Stories like this are, to some degree, “tall tales,” so they do push the barriers of credulity – it’s part of the style.


January 22, 2005

Messing around

I've been fiddlin' with The Burble as I moved it to Blogspot.com from another server. Why? Well, partly for space but mostly because I'm considering some changes. Not sure what those will be just yet. I'm still mulling it over.

(I seem to be doing that all the time.)

January 15, 2005

Long time, no write

Yes, it has been a while. Actually, I've been caught up with Piddleville and Writelife - those have been updated.

Sadly, The Burble languishes. But it hasn't been forgotten. I need to find a better way to manage three of these things. The truth is, one or more should be dropped.

But I haven't the heart to it.