September 26, 2002

Well, the Cocktail page certainly needs some cleaning up. I haven't linked to it for a while. Today, I linked from a home page blurb and discovered a very old look to the page. Numerous apologies for it's appearance. When time allows, I'll fix it. And speaking of fixing things ...

I swear, I'm never adding new programs to my computer ever again. (I've said this before.) I tried Yahoo Messenger 5 and nothing but frozen screens, crashes and heaven knows what all else. I think it's a problem of the firewall really disliking it intensely. Whatever it is, it seems anytime I add something new it buggers up everything else.

By the way, re: my moans and groans about fall on the home page, I was in Vancouver yesterday and it was warm and sunny and damn 'em all for it! It's cold and crappy here!

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