October 17, 2002

Dreams ... Go figure! For me, last night's dreaming was particularly stupid. Example: my neighbours seek my okay for laying sod. Not unusual except there is nowhere to lay sod where we live. Our domiciles open onto a brick covered courtyard. So the neighbours are putting in two 3 foot by 3 foot wooden boxes, like those buildings use for plants or small trees. But in this case, the earth is covered over with strips of sod.

Kind of dumb, but it gets odder still ... with several of my women friends, plus my sister, I go to a university to see a movie - probably some foreign thing. Naturally, I try to put my pants back on. (Yes, for some reason I'm not wearing pants - don't ask.) Someone hands the pants back to me but they're corduroy and therefore not my pants. I ask my neighbours, "Where are my pants?" but they're to busy laying sod to answer. (Yes, laying sod in small boxes outside our doors ... at a university where we're trying to watch foreign movies!)

The audience wants to see the movie. My friends go in search of my pants except they don't. They get caught up in conversations about everything except my pants, and I start getting pissed off. I'm in an impotent rage, "Where are my pants? Where the hell are my pants?"

Then I wake up. And of course, I'm not wearing any pants.

What a dumbass dream. (Aren't you glad I shared?)

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