October 18, 2003

This has been a disagreeable week. And a costly one. A person's ignorance can bite them on the ass at almost anytime, as did mine.

Since September began, my cozy little world of condo living has been deconstructing. Yes, there is the usual housekeeping that has lain unattended for a very long time. Balls of cat fur blow through the rooms like rolling tumbleweeds. The cat goes out on the balcony, eats some discarded and brittle leaves, comes back inside and finds a new place to throw them up. Clothes accummulate in several piles awaiting a wash that never comes.

As well ... the strings of the vertical blinds all seem to have frayed and broken in tandem. The toilet has been running ceasely, unbeknowst to me, but certainly know to the utility company which has charged me a mind-numbing sum. And on the subject of plumbing, apparently there is a humidifer somehow attached to my furnace and it has been leaking. Yes, leaking and destroying the condo below me. There is a bill headed my way soon ...

As the expression goes ... who's cornflakes did I shit in anyway?

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