November 12, 2003

I'm giving some thought to watching Silverado tonight. I haven't looked at it for a while. Who knows? Maybe my opinion will have changed. Meanwhile ....

I'm in the process of getting the latest Microsoft security patch ... I think. It's taking forever so either it's mind-numbingly huge or their system is very slow and cumbersome. I wouldn't mind, since it's all in the background, but I want to shut down my system and get my work lap top going. (There's only the one high speed connection and ... well, whatever. Let's just say I can't have them both running at the same time - more a logistics problem than a technical one.)

But why would you care? I've no idea. But I wanted to write something today and I thought I'd whine about this interminably slow download.

By the way, you'll often come across the words there, their and they're mixed up in my writing. Apparently my fingers have a mind of their own but not one that's attuned to correct spelling. I can't believe the number of times I get these mixed up.


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