March 16, 2004

does not include trousers

I hate writing headlines. And I hate writing titles. It's not in my skill set as the tedious corporate drones like to say. (I just overheard someone discussing some projects and saying, "Maybe we could find some synergies." Who the hell talks like that in real life?)

Anyway ... headlines. Or titles. Hate them. Don't they have people to do that sort of thing? Regardless, I'm testing out the current title ("does not include trousers"). I'm going to see if I can come up with three or four general ones I can use when a genuine title doesn't make itself immediately available. Here are a couple of other possibilities:

- politicians found in pantry
- aren't those my socks?
- deconstruction deconstructs; no video available
- pronouncing Clytemnestra on-the-go

Yes, yes ... I know. Needs work.

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