April 3, 2004

frank capra & mr. smith & mr. deeds & jean arthur

This week I decided, on a whim, to watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Then, having seen that, I decided the next day to watch You Can't Take It With You. And the day after that, it was Mr. Deeds Goes to Town.

For some reason, Frank Capra movies were what I wanted to see. Well, Jean Arthur too.

Despite their sentimentality, I always enjoy Frank Capra films. My favourite, I think, is Mr. Deeds Goes to Town. (I've never been able to bring myself to watch that Adam Sandler thing. Who knows? Maybe it was okay. But Sandler in a Gary Cooper role? I don't think so.)

Not sure how long I'll be on this Capra thing but I do know the on-deck circle has Lost Horizon and Arsenic and Old Lace. Maybe tonight ...?

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