August 3, 2004

What's up with Piddleville?

You may have noticed Piddleville is somewhat quirky these days. The reason for this is simple: I'm playing around. And I have an obsessive need to publish pages even when they aren't ready. (I'm sure a good therapist could explain why.)

Anyway ... the home page has a bit of a new look as I add or update the odd thing. For instance, since adding Google in the header I can now do searches of Piddleville. This may not be of value to anyone but it is a value to me.

And what's with the news page? No sooner do I get it up than something goes wonky with the CBC feed. Either nothing has happened in Canada the last few days or there's a glitch somewhere. (I can't even access their support site.)

That's what is up. I'll probably keep playing with things for a while. Expect to see some other quirks here and there.

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