April 27, 2005

A series of unfortunate scenes

I watched Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events last night and found it a bit underwhelming. It looks like it should be fabulous but for the most part it plays tediously, though it does have some great moments.

I’m still thinking about this one because I’m not entirely sure where the problem is - perhaps it’s the combination of several small problems (rather than one big one).

It’s episodic, and that may be part of it. It has some very contemporary moments - references and the like - that jar with the film’s somewhat fantastic and archaic style and look.

Overall, though, it just seems to me to try too hard. It’s a bit like a comedian who oversells a joke.

And having said that, I can't recommend getting the two disc version of this movie. I picked up the single disc widescreen, watched a couple of the featurettes, then stopped before I finished. I was bored.

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