July 5, 2006

Yes, I liked The Matador

First, in a world where most movie comedies lack the essential element (humour!), The Matador is a wonderful movie. Dry and stupid, slapstick and witty. Compare to Failure to Launch or The Break-Up and weep. Note to directors: after script, casting is everything.

That I could watch and enjoy a film under these intemperate conditions (33C degrees!!!) speaks volumes.

More seriously, few comedy/romantic comedies these days are able to finesse the balance between humour and serious elements (meaning independent movies are drearily earnest while Hollywood comedies assume audience stupidity and penile fixations).

Why are there so few movies like The Matador?


Party Girl said...

I saw this a couple weekends ago. I thought it was hilarious.

truly and actually did make me laugh out loud. A rarity in comedies.

Rrramone said...

What's not to love? :-)