August 26, 2002

I recieved spam today with the subject line: Discover Why Printing May Be Obsolete.

Really? It seems to me people have been saying this for about the last 20 years or so. From roughly the beginning of the personal computer, the death of print has been heralded. However, rather than less print there has been more. Of course the implication in that subject line, and what people concluded once the PC appeared, was that everyone would read, create documents etc. electronically. It didn't happen, hasn't happened, and likely won't happen any time soon despite the efforts of those anxious for a world of e-publishing. (God, I hate putting an "e" in front of a word.)

A more attention getting subject line would have been: Discover Why Printing Won't Go Away. Now that would have been an e-mail I might have opened.

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