August 18, 2002

I seem to be on a movie review writing roll. A passle o' new entries in the Movie Room. They may be full of shit, but that's okay. It's interesting that the very act of making yourself write something down, of forcing yourself to find something to say about the film, forces you to think about what you've seen in a way you wouldn't have otherwise. I mean, there are loads of things I see that pass in and pass out of my consciousness because, once done, I move on to the business of living again. But making yourself write about them makes you think about them and then, quite often, you discover a good deal more in a movie than you initially thought. You start to understand what it is you like about the movies you like, what you dislike in the ones you dislike and, once you've starting discovering these things, you start to become aware of a few things about yourself. And that has to be good, doesn't it?

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