July 9, 2005

Briefly, I sing the praises of Tony Scott

I just finishing watching Crimson Tide and you know ... I saw it back when it came out in 1995, I've seen it several times since, and I've just seen it again. And every time I do I like it.

It's good as an action movie. But it's better than the usual run of action movies. There is a real story and very compelling characters (portrayed by Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington).

Actually, I watched this movie yet again because it was directed by Tony Scott (True Romance). And the only reason I bring that up is because a day or two ago I rewatched (yet again) Man On Fire, which I really like. And will hopefully scribble something about in a day or two.

Anyway ... want to see three really good, fast-paced yet involving movies? Try: Crimson Tide, True Romance or Man On Fire.

Better yet, try them all.

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