April 23, 2002

Can an entire province suffer from bad karma? Today is wretched. The timid hint of warmth we called spring has yet again been chased away as if by a bully. Northwest winds arrived overnight like hooligans and the trees' barren branches now wave in the air like the arms of lunatic Shakers. And I swear, when I looked out the window a few minutes ago it was snowing. Again.

Who did we piss off?

Clearly, the only issue of importance on the international "Things To Do" list is the Kyoto agreement (or non-agreement, to be more accurate). Global warming or capricious gods, it doesn't matter to me. Someone has to do something about this weather. It's just all fucked up.

Side effect: More unsettling dreams (due to new weather paying a call). Chases, labyrinths, and poorly maintained roadways. Don't ask me what it means. I'm just the dreamer, pal.

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