April 21, 2002

For whatever the reason (I don't remember anymore) this was written April 16 but didn't get posted. So ...

What in the world is wrong with me? Isn’t the purpose of sleep to wake refreshed, energized, and ready to take on a new day? If so, I appear to have it backward. I wake fatigued, sluggish, and about as interested in taking on a new day as embarking on another root canal.

Something ain’t right.

So another trip to the doctor I suppose. This time, I’ll catalogue my symptoms. Let’s see:

- Aches and pains in shoulders and back
- Fatigue
- Chest, odd feeling, perhaps bronchial thing
- Disinterest, apathy

Hmm. Any more? Well, depression I suppose. But is the depression caused by the symptoms that don’t go away, or does the depression cause the symptoms? I believe this is the real question. (I am such a whiner these days ...)

And how am I feeling now? MUCH improved (high pressure system moved in). However, the back and neck are still buggered up and I find I can't spend much time at the keyboard.

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