April 2, 2002

You have to be someone who doesn't use the Internet, or sees it as a kind of curious adjunct to other things, to imagine that interest in sex has left the Net. Only someone who has never gone to a sex site, purposefully or by accident, could think interest has waned. Perhaps, rather the declining interest, it has something to do with the high-energy, pop-up window assaults. Or maybe attempts to upload crap, perhaps even viruses and worms through those "Do You Want To Install ...?" pop-ups, have curbed some of the traffic. Or the insistance on giving up personal information to become a member and thus harrassed by scuzzballs for the rest of your life has dissuaded some people.

Sex is always interesting. However, people generally don't like paying for it. They don't like having their privacy compromised. They don't like carnival barkers yelling at them all the time. Blah blah blah ...

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