July 1, 2003

Yesterday ... The wind wind began in the southwest. It migrated to northwest. By the end of the day, it was southeast. During this restless moving around, it managed to go from hot and humid to cool and dry. In northern Alberta, it managed to drop a tornado off in Grimshaw, trashing the town.

For myself, the result was a restless night ... I woke several times then, come morning, I couldn't wake up. When I finally did, I had a sore throat ... what feels like the beginning of a cold/flu. As well, every bone and muscle in my body aches. I feel as if I've been beaten with sticks. What do they call that? Bastinadoed?

Anyway ... I feel like crap today. This hasn't happened overly often, but it does recur. For example, from a year ago there is this.

On the upside, today is beautifully sunny and not too hot and not too cool. Just nice.

On another note ... I'm currently reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. Great main character (narrator) with a very singular view of the world (a 15-year old autistic young man with a passion for order). (The book is also available in Adobe format, for those electronically inclined.)

Though I've barely begun reading the book, the earlier verdict is: highly recommended.

Oh ... and by the way, have a happy Canada Day. (And don't be a whoo hoo!)

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