July 20, 2003

The other day I noticed the mysterious, now and again Scottish 'r' made an appearance in my speech. I hadn't noticed it before; I'm not sure how long it has been peek-a-booing in my words.

I get this from my father who presumably got it from his (or his mother). So he never said things like, "I'm going to wash the car." No, he said, "I'm going to warsh the car."

I've never understood that 'r' and never really cared for it. I fully intend to expunge it from my speech. Now how's that for burbling drivel? In a world of political unrest, wars in foreign lands, economic anxiety, I'm wasting bandwidth rambling about an insignificant 'r' that appears in my speech.

Well ... Today, on another subject altogether, is a bit gray, a tad breezy. But not cool breezy; it is sultry, tumescent breezy. They say we have a 60% chance of thunderstorms this afternoon and I can only hope they get this one right. Boom-boom-boom ... love a thunderstorm.

Despite an ever-tightening squeeze on my finances, I'm thinking of setting up another site - getting another hosting service. If so, I think the Burble will be moved to it. If I do, I'll probably also put terri in australia there.

But this is just musing for now.

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