July 6, 2003

It continues to rain. Forecast reads "...60% chance of morning showers." At this point, I'd bump that up to 100%.

Thus far, July has been a slough of despond, as a French symbolist might say. Physically, psychically and emotionally it has been porridge, at least in terms of colour and consistency.

Last night, I watched Adaptation. I think I've been avoiding it because I'm not a big Nicolas Cage fan. But ... it's a great movie!

It's a very clever script; very cleverly constructed. And the performances are excellent all around. It's probably the best thing I've seen Cage do.

While the movie is good simply as a movie, it's especially fun for people who write since it satirizes writers (in a good way). The character(s) played by Cage are very recognizeable. It felt as if I was watching a movie about me.

Is that a good thing?

Who knows? But I recommend the movie. Look for another great performance from Chris Cooper. (I believe he got an Oscar for it.)

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