March 20, 2006

Great lines – Out of the Past

I finally watched Out of the Past tonight (starring Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer). It’s a great film noir piece and there are a lot of great lines in it like, “And then I saw her, coming out of the sun …”

Yes, great lines. But my favourite line has to be:

“He couldn’t find a prayer in the Bible.”

Now that was funny. Of course, this is noir and it’s not a comedy – still, that was a funny line.

As movies go, Out of the Past is great. Unfortunately, it’s late so I can’t ramble on about it. But take my word for it, this is good and highly recommended.

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1 comment:

Campaspe said...

My favorite: "She couldn't be all bad. Nobody is." "She comes closest."

There will just never be dialogue like that again.