December 24, 2001

With a few minutes to spare on a Christmas Eve, it seemed a good time to start with an initial entry - the one that says, Merry Christmas!

Okay, so the obligatory seasonal greeting is out of the way, let's see if I have anything worthwhile to say in these brief moments.

Well, it appears Piddleville's slow evolution is picking up some steam and the hope is out there that it will soon cease evolving (at least for a few minutes) to stop long enough to actually be whatever it is it's becoming. (That was kind of a convoluted sentence.) Anyway ... the navigation will soon be fixed and hopefully consistent.

The thing about these changes is this: the fictional Piddleville has more or less run its course. At least for the moment. Which is not to say certain aspects and characters won't continue to appear. (You can't get rid of Dick Whizzy or Henta that easily.) But, at least for a time, it will be more of a journal type of thing (including uninformed DVD reviews) and less the falderal it has been. Honestly, I'm completely out of ideas and interest with the previous Piddleville. Sad, but true. The biological law: we start, we grow, we fade, we die.

And we anticipate what the next new thing will be. Who knows? Maybe a rejuvenated Piddleville, maybe something utterly different and even better.

The cool thing about life (and evolving Web sites) is you never know what's next.

Have a Murray Christmas and a Snappy New Year!

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