January 12, 2002

Burble is a preferable word to, say, babble or blather, prate or gush. I can’t imagine calling this “The Gush.” I can’t hear myself telling someone to go online to read my gushes.

Of course, I can’t imagine telling someone to go online to read my burbles either. But I have less difficulty with it than with gushes.

Actually, the only real problem I have with “Burble” is the moistness. Yes, it’s a wet sounding word to me. It conjures an image of a slow-motion moving mouth making soft, droning sounds as lips softly smack and spittle dribbles slowly from the corners – the right corner more so than the left.

Like a bus stop on a rainy day, it may be best to stand back a few feet when you read these burbles.

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