January 14, 2002

Last night, the People's Choice Awards. Yes, I watched some of it. I saw where the favourite movie of the year was between Shrek, The Fast and The Furious, and some other movie ... Pearl Harbor, I think.

OK. So ... The Fast and The Furious? Apparently the People Choice awards are geared largely to the trailer park crowd.

Shrek won, and I don't have a problem with that. But really, this show should be called The Awards Show We Have To Go To For Fear Of Alienating Audiences Even Though It's An Embarrassing Joke Awards. Tom Hanks looked utterly bewildered. "Wasn't Cast Away last year's movie?" he seemed to want to say.

These awards are largely based on who's been on "E!" in the last week have no apparent relationship to merit. What a dumb show. I feel bad for the clowns that have to go to it for fear of killing their chances in other award shows or pissing off the bonehead market. Sheesh!

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