January 11, 2002

Okay, so there’s a serious issue with the title. I may have mentioned this before. This is clearly NOT a “Daily” rant and, let’s be honest, it’s only seldom anything resembling a “rant.”

It desperately needs a new name. I’m giving some thoughts to “The Burble,” but I really don’t know what that means. Hang on … let me grab my Canadian Oxford dictionary …

Yes, I think this is it. The name it originally had … The Burble – burble as a noun.

“ … 1) a murmuring noise. 2) rambling speech.”

Yes, yes. And you may call me The Burbler, if you so choose.

So why have I not been keeping this a daily sort of thing? Well, I keep spending too much of my online time visiting other people’s burbles. My favourite remains, Lileks. Cool site, and (unlike your host here) has The Bleat, which is new everyday, Monday through Friday. Where’s that guy find the time to do all the things he does? Baffles me.

And here’s an intriguing concept: what if he isn’t real? What if everything he writes about his child and dog, Minnesota, and everything … is entirely made up! What if he’s really a guy in a basement in Chicago spinning stories, whatever pops into his head, but doing it so well it’s utterly convincing?

Well, maybe not. But I find the idea intriguing.

Sadly, after writing the above I went off on an unanticpated tanget about Star Trek. But my laptop crapped out and it was lost. All for the best, I suppose.

For now, toodles!

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