January 12, 2002

Let me be brief and trivial ... I’m listening to a radio station from Spokane and they just played that Bryan Adams song, “Everything I Do,” or whatever it’s called. He simply HAS TO redo the vocals.

Every time I hear this song I want to tear my hair out, at least when he sings the hook, “Everything I do, I do it for you.” Why does he insist on putting the word “it” in there?

It throws off the rhythm of the line. It doesn't scan properly. And I’m pretty sure there’s some grammatical bungling happening there: the word "everything" suggests a collective, more than one, something plural. The word “it” is singular. One thing.

Either way, in my head I always correct it. I hear “Everything I do, I do for you.” But then in the background I hear this clunker beat, the “it,” screwing up the line.

Please, please, please … re-record the vocals! Drop the “it!” I can’t freakin’ stand it! It drives me buggy! (No pun intended.)

There. I’ve vented and feel immeasurably better for it. Please continue with your day. Toodles!

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