August 11, 2005

Columbo Three - what the hell happened?

DVD cover image of Columbo - Season ThreeHere's the e-mail I sent the clowns at Universal regarding Columbo - The Complete Third Season:
This set, Columbo - The Complete Third Season, is the best argument I've seen for piracy. This chintzy, 2 disc set is one of the worst sets I've come across. I purchased Seasons 1 and 2 and was happy with just the episodes - I can live without special features.

But Season 3 with its two sided discs and flimsy cardboard box ... well, it's the last Universal DVD set I'll be buying until I see Universal demonstrate some concern for the people they are selling to and some level of self-respect. There is only one word for this set's quality - crap. How corporations can complain about piracy when they put out this level of quality is beyond me.

The puzzling thing about it is that Season 2 was such good quality in terms of the packaging. Did you get drunk and lose the house in a poker game? What's the explanation for this current rubbish?
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