August 20, 2005

King Kong set to tear up the place in November

King Kong (1933)Well, I'm excited. Set for release on November 22, 2005 - King Kong (2-Disc Special Edition). This, of course, is the Fay Wray classic.

I'm guessing the release must be tied into the release of Peter Jackson's King Kong. which seems to be scheduled for mid-December - just in time for Christmas!

Be that as it may ... I'm hoping the 2 disc set of the 1933 film is a good transfer. It is, after all, a fairly old film (over 70 years). It's the aspect I'm most excited about.

And geez ... come on, it's King Kong!

(And let's not forget how fetching Jessica Lange was in the 1976 version - not a great movie, but she was ... well, fetching.)

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