May 28, 2005

The Aviator - strange film about a strange man

I found Martin Scorsese's The Aviator an odd film. Not bad, not great - good, but odd.

It's strange in that while it's engaging, it's not emotionally engaging. It keeps you at a distance, sort of like a science experiment. You're curious about it but in a dispassionate kind of way.

Well, you can read more of my musings in my review.

One thing I don't really talk about in it is the performances, which are all good. Scorsese assembled quite an array of today's talent to play yesterday's talent: Cate Blanchett as Katharine Hepburn, Kate Beckinsale as Ava Gardner, Gwen Stefani as Jean Harlow, Jude Law as Errol Flynn ... it's quite a list.

By the way, I didn't get far in the special features. I was watching the Biography thing on Howard Hughes and ran out of gas because it was basically a grocery list - Hughes did this, then that, then that ... kinda boring.

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