May 26, 2005

Business life - In Good Company

It's been out on DVD for a few weeks now but I didn't get around to seeing In Good Companytill last night.

It's pretty good - better than I thought it might be though perhaps not as funny as some might lead you to believe. It's especially appealing for anyone who has had a taste of corporate life, or the business world generally. It's amusing as it captures pretty accurately what that kind of life is like.

Of course, given the kind of film it is the end veers away from the real world, but that's okay because it is, after all, a nice comedic film. It ain't cinema verite (and doesn't pretend to be).

For those who like Scarlett Johanssen, you'll like her performance here although if you really want to see her in a great perfromance, I'd recommend A Love Song for Bobby Long.

I'll see if I can't toss a review together at some point. This brief note isn't really fair to the film which is considerably more than a comedy of business life. It has a little something to do with youth and age and is quite good in this respect.

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