May 23, 2005

So, I watch The Incredibles tonight

I wasn't sure what I would be watching tonight but a brief visit to The Bleat has reminded me I need to re-watch The Incredibles.

First time out, it didn't do much for me. Or so I assume. I don't remember it very well so it seems safe to conclude I was less than overwhelmed (despite the hype). But I also discovered something last night as I rewatched The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (another movie that didn't really register one way or another the first time I saw it).

Movies play better on weekends. Probably because we have a few moments to breath and forget about the nonsense that consumes our weekday lives. (And today, in Canada, is Day 3 of a long weekend as we celebrate Queen Victoria, though I don't believe we're suppose to admit to that any more. Still, we call it Victoria Day.)

Good grief ... I can't believe I'm listening to Crystal Gayle singing, Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue. But I am.

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