May 29, 2005

Grant & Dunne - movie stars, not a legal firm

I just posted a review of a 1940 comic gem - My Favorite Wife starring Irene Dunne and Cary Grant. Here, they team up after the successful 1937 hit, The Awful Truth. And believe me, they are an absolute pleasure to watch.

Off hand, I can't think of anyone else I enjoyed paired with Grant on screen more than Irene Dunne. They play so well together.

And here, in My Favorite Wife, they have a great story conceit. The two are married. She goes away on a trip and is lost at sea. After seven years, she's declared legally dead. So Grant now goes and remarries. However, on the same day he does, his first wife, Irene Dunne, comes back.

As the expression goes, hijinks ensue.

It's absolutely great.

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